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Insurance Backed Guarantees

Once you make the decision to install solar and invest, your money is protected the very second you make a payment, we instantly set up your insurance policies right in front of your eyes.

1. Deposit Protection Guarantees (120 Days)

So, rest assured that your deposit funds are safe and secure while the installation is taking place. With our policy, you’re covered for up to 120 days from the moment you pay the deposit. In the worst-case scenario, we ensure that our customers’ deposits are covered by our deposit protection.

2. Contractor Guarantees (10 Years)

As a company, we’re here for the long run, and in the unlikely event that issues arise, we have you covered for 10 years. For instance, if you notice faults in any work we’ve completed, you’re covered by our Contractor’s Guarantee. Simply make a call to the insurer, and they will appoint a new, high-quality contractor to address and fix any issues.

3. Workmanship Warranty (6 Years)

We stand behind the quality of our workmanship and installation. In the unlikely event that errors occur, rest assured, we have you covered

Product Guarantees

Every one of the products we use on all our installations are backed by the highest industry warranties DIRECT with the main suppliers themselves.


Solar Panels 4.35 kW
Mono - All Black
25 -Year Product Warranty And 30 Year Linear Power Output Life Expectancy Warranty.
eliteinstaller2 mini


5.7 kWh
8.64 kWh
9.32 kWh
11.52 kWh
14.4 kWh
17.28 kWh
20.16 kWh
Eco Li-Ion
Batteries – 10 Year Performance Warranty
eliteinstaller2 mini


3.7 kW Hybrid
5 kW Hybrid
6 kW Hybrid
3.7 kW AC Inverter
5 kW AC Inverter
10 Year Product Warranty


Solar Panels 4.35 kW
Mono - All Black
25 -Year Product Warranty And 30 Year Linear Power Output Life Expectancy Warranty.


2.6 kWh
5.2 kWh
8.2 kWh
9.5 kWh
Eco Li-Ion
Batteries – 12 Year Performance Warranty


3.6 kW inverter
5kWh Inverter
GivEnergy Hybrid Inverters
12 year product warranty


Accreditations Are About Reputation

How our clients see our company is important to us, as leaders in home solar installation it’s our duty and responsibility to keep setting new benchmarks. 
We have uniquely positioned ourselves to be regulated by the highest governing bodies, ensuring we can serve you professionally.

Below Are Just Some Of Our Accreditations

UK Solar Experts are MCS Certified – this means that all of the products fitted and installed have been MCS Registered and are eligible to be used in the export tariff. 

There is so much more to MCS: We are regularly audited to ensure that we follow the highest standards such as MIS3002 and MGD003.

We take our MCS Accreditation very seriously and as a professional company, we follow these standards in everything we do.

UK Solar Experts are a RECC Approved member. This ensures high standards of service before, during and after an installation as a member we must provide ‘IBG’ and offer enhanced levels of protection to clients.

UK Solar Experts are an Independant Appointment Representative (IAR) of our principal partners so that we can carry out a limited range of activities, in undertaking introductions and distributing financial offers to our clients.

Our MD Giving Back

Loving my family, building business, staying fit and healthy is vital to me, but giving back and being a part of my community is vitally important.
We are all human and we all strive for more.

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