The Core Team

The Experts Responsible For Delivering The Results You Demand

Dale Gaucas

Managing Director 

23 years of building, guiding and leading businesses to success so it’s a win win win deal for all involved.

Know what great looks like and have passion to achieve it

Lucy Allen

Head of Operations

Making what we do look easy by organising how our clients get exactly what they want.

Just do it right once, that all it takes

Neil Beevers

Technical Supervisor

Overseeing onsite operations for commercial and residential Solar Installation for over 15 years.

Delivering high quality solar installation is what we do, it’s a representation of who we are as a company

Andrew Littlepaul

Head of Marketing & IT

Making all that IT and marketing ‘stuff’ look really simple.

It’s a commitment and understanding about keeping the online process super simple


Head of Customer Success 

Making people’s lives and experiences simple and much easier by supporting their wants and needs.

Just make people happy by solving their problems and giving them more than they expect

craig hulme

Sales Manager

Helping people make decisions to benefit their life and world.

For sales to work, you must believe in the people, products and services… the company

Untitled design (21)


Making what seems like complex designs, simple.

“Designing solar that delivers high returns”


Sales Team Leader

Leading his team to open new relationships.

We don’t close deals, we open new trusted relationships


Administration & Compliance 

A pure master in business management 

I love dotting the ‘I’s and crossing the ‘T’s to protect our clients investments

Our Mission

Rapid Time - Uncompletable Cost - Highest Quality

Transform the financial lives of homeowners and their families; to save them thousands of pounds by capturing the abundant solar energy by installing Battery and Solar PV Systems to power their homes.

Driven by excellence to provide an end-to-end elite customer experience in home solar installation at every interaction, from honest marketing, trustworthy sales to expert surveys.

Delivering friendly and professional installations that are simple, safe and secure financial options to proud homeowners who feel empowered to refer their friends and family.

Our Approach

To deliver ahead of TIME below COST, and of highest QUALITY

UK Solar Experts are based in the centre of the country, in Middleton, Manchester. We are a privately owned company, situated on our 12 acre site with 6,700 sq ft of bespoke purpose built facilities, fully fitted storage building and modern offices that allow us to control, run and operate a complete inhouse, end-to-end home solar installation service.

Our commitment gives us a unique ability to receive the highest quality products directly from the manufacturer in large volumes at cost price, all of these benefits are passed directly onto our customers, and into their pockets.

Our service-first focused team of dedicated experts use our in-house Home Solar Modeling System to create perfect fit Battery and Solar PV Systems for our clients homes, via remote-online surveys giving instant quotations and clear answers that show the immense financial benefit to our customers.

Our highly qualified, directly employed installers, complete projects ahead of time, every time so our customers get the exact service they expect.

Our Purpose

To deliver ahead of TIME below COST, and of highest QUALITY

Become the industry benchmark of end to end home solar installation in the UK, operate above the line, be transparent, deliver quality, speed and sustainable unmatched prices, uphold the highest standard of professionalism, safety and workmanship to all we serve.

Our Values

Our Values are not just words – our people live and lead by them, our company is built on these values.

We are guided by what we call our Core True North of leadership, systems, accountability, expansion, honesty, loyalty, persistence and graft.

We Are leaders that follow proven systems, accountable for our actions, honest in our approach, loyal and persistent to our purpose; graft is in our blood.

Why Choose Us?

We service our customers first with truth, trust and transparency, we’re mission focused.

We are purpose driven and built on values; our industry accreditations are a representation of our commitment to excellence, for our clients security.
Our reputation as leaders in the solar industry is enhanced by our accreditation by NAPIT, MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme), CPA – (The Consumer Protection Association) and RECC (Renewable Energy Consumer Code). We operate above the standard and best practices, we do the right thing, every time.

Our clients that we serve have rated us as Excellent on Trustpilot and have given us five stars on Google reviews with countless video testimonials expressing their joy with the high quality services and products they received.

Our History

A coming together and collaboration of experts in business and the solar industry. UK Solar Experts has a new age approach with time tested experience that’s forward thinking with rapid speed of implementation to deliver results and new innovations to our clients homes.

The company’s elite leadership team has 55 years of local and international experience in the Solar Industry. Established in 2018 with leadership support from D.G Development Ltd with international investment from the UAE with one vision – embrace the new way.

Our experienced team of solar engineers and installers are experts. They have reinvented how solar is explained, installed and delivered into our clients homes at a time of important change when a new way is needed of how we all produce and use energy.
It’s time to embrace Solar as our new source of energy.

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